Sue Covelli-Buntley is a founding member of InspiraWork LLC where she is honored to work with her business partners to ensure that every individual and organization comes to believe that they are powerful beyond measure, they have a significant purpose and that their contributions can change the world. She is a pioneer who is committed to designing opportunities for transformational success through mechanisms that surface our greatest potential. She believes that optimism, connection and inspiration lead to a world of creative possibilities that spiral into the positive potential to realize any dream.

Prior to InspiraWork, Sue was Global Talent Development Manager at Chubb Insurance, where she designed and implemented progressive talent and organizational development initiatives that focused on emerging strategic business objectives, leader development and career advancement. Her earlier years at Chubb were spent supporting major business units as an HR Generalist/ Internal Consultant where she developed cultural, talent and business strategies that emanated significant personal and organizational success. Prior to Chubb, she worked for Prudential Insurance in various positions as a business leader within Underwriting, Operations and Marketing. Sue has also
had the opportunity to serve many non-profit organizations such as Operation Hope, City of Hope and the IICF (Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation).

Sue completed a B.A. with a major in Economics and a minor in Finance at the University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana. She also earned her M.B.A at DePaul University in Chicago. She has spent many years becoming a student of positive psychology, business development and personal empowerment, working with many of the masters within those realms and conducting countless hours of research. She endeavors to “Be the Change” she wishes to see in the world and live every moment to its fullest. Sue is passionate about life and gains her courage from her family who teaches her about gratitude and upward spirals every day.