We teach the skills and provide solutions that enable your team to collectively embrace, rather than fear, change and to reimagine the future.

Powerful Leadership Assessments
InspiraWork uses data driven tools and analyses to measure your organization’s readiness for the future.

View a clear snapshot of leader readiness across your organization.

Gain critical intelligence about who is ready to lead today and what they will need to lead effectively tomorrow.

Identify gaps holding back growth in current roles.
Leader Development
Specially designed programs and collaboratives focus on reaching alignment between people and teams unique to your organization.

InspiraWork’s proprietary Leader Development Framework™ focuses on every stage of leadership development leveraging strengths, contributions, and values.

Programs are created to maximize individual and collective contributions and empower employees resulting in improved performance and aligned behaviors.

Easily Sustainable Systems, Solutions and Best Practices
Consulting and customized “blueprints” guide the employer in creating a strong and unified culture that reflects the organization’s vision, supports future leader development and mitigates risk.

The InspiraWork team works to transform both employee mindset and the external environment to ensure learning is transferred from training to real work applications, supported by culture.

The world is changing rapidly, but our methods of developing employees and organizational culture is not keeping pace.

“There is a mission critical gap in the ability of leadership to work across boundaries. When asked to rate managers in their organization, only 53% agreed that their peer group of senior executives were effective in working across boundaries. This percentage dropped to 19% for middle managers and fell to just 8% for entry level managers.”

Boundary Spanning Leadership, Mission Critical Perspectives from the Executive Suite, Yip, Ernst, Campbell, 2016, Center for Creative Leadership