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FutureGeared Assessment

Data that Provides Insights, Generates Ideas and Measures Impact

With data-driven tools and analyses, we measure and assess your organization’s readiness for the future, as well as crowdsource ideas from your employees, to inform next steps.

FutureGeared Assessment methods includes:

360 Leadership Capability Assessment

Cultural Assessment

Working Better Together Assessment

FutureGeared Development

Collaborative Learning to Grow Groups and Individuals

Through interactive workshops and coaching, we get your team ready for the future through progressive techniques that enable them to expand their mindsets, work better together, and creatively solve business challenges to achieve common goals. Because people perform best when they operate in a supportive environment, we focus not only on developing individuals, but also on strengthening the community around them.

FutureGeared Development includes programs and workshops such as:

Early Career Leadership Program

Middle Manager Leadership Program

Delegation in a Modern World

Future Leader Mindset Workshop

Change Leadership Development Workshop

Giving & Receiving Feedback Session

Courageous Civility Program

FutureGeared Reinforcement

Reinforcement that Guide Change and Strengthen Your Culture

We provide practical tools to aid continuous learning and to inspire the individual actions and organizational habits that deliver positive change.

Based on our research, we have uncovered 12 capabilities that are emerging as critical considerations for organizations and leaders today as they strive to be more prepared for the continued level of rapid change that our future will demand. These FutureGeared Capabilities are integrated into our assessment, development and reinforcement. Our services can go deep into one capability or transcend multiple capabilities depending on client need.

FutureGeared Reinforcement includes methodology such as:

Performance and Career Coaching Templates/ Talking Points

Change Leadership Playbooks

Vision/Mission/Values/Objectives Strategy Blueprints

Posters to Promote Positive Leadership

FutureGeared Development Follow Up Impact Assignments to Reinforce Learning

Mindsets That Think Bigger

Perplexity Flipping – Ability to flip mindsets and think bigger using a lens of empowerment, accountability and optimism so that difficult challenges can be turned into advantages, opportunities, and positive realities.

Awareness Intelligence – Superior awareness of self and others that leads to an appreciation of differences, purpose, and compassion; ability to use this awareness to overcome challenges and evaporate negative conflict.

Design Thinking – A constant focus on gaining deep knowledge and empathy through observation, data, curiosity, ideation and rapid prototyping so that innovative solutions for complex challenges are arrived at quickly

Mindfulness – Expertise with being vividly present in the moment so that distractions are evaporated and attention can naturally shift from a big picture focus to narrow focus depending on what is needed for that moment.

Collaborations That Foster Innovation

Change Agility – Having fluid intelligence and aggressive ability to progress self and others through change and an unknown future using a balance of logic, inventiveness and clarity of vision.

Boundary Spanning – Reaching outside of immediate network to build relationships and collaborations that will create an innovation system in support of a higher, common goal.

Trusted Influence – Being believed in and followed by others without question as a result of consistent integrity, truth, strengths, past success, compassion and the ability to act for the greater good.

Talent Maximizing – Helping others grow in a rapidly changing world by harnessing the power of unique strengths, bigger thinking and collective purpose.

Solutions That Inspire Good

Collective Leadership – Working with other leaders to drive change, learn from each other, and create systems that facilitate a culture where direction, alignment and commitment bring out the best in people and systems.

Inspirational Altruism – Rallying self and others to dream about a better future and then spark the momentum that leads to the action that makes a large, positive impact.

Fearless Grit – Propensity to take risks without fear, to walk into unknown territory and to gain momentum as well as energy through confidence and perseverance.

Courageous Civility – Bravely exercising the inclusion, respect and understanding that leads to better decisions; genuinely embracing, valuing and honoring the uniqueness, background and experiences of others at all times.

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